Travel Thursday:Guest Post: Jumbo’s and the Baobab Tree

Dear Reader’s here is a short guest post from Esther Waukesha, whom I met on one of my conservation trips. More about that later.

Pictures are mine.

Have a fantastic Travel Thursday!


The jungle is known to comprise of flora and fauna  which remarkably bond well to ensure life’s co-existence.

In the past elephants were a common place in Diani, Kenya.  These elephants, during  the dry season drunk water from the baobab trees. This was indeed possible as the elephants would constantly use their tusks, in a motion that would create a hole. They would suck water out of the tree with their trumpets. That’s why on some baobab trees you can find scarring on them.

For this reason baobab’s and the eye’s have a special connection. Needless to say, it is sad that in certain places wildlife does not exist anymore. What was a common place has become a myth.


Elephant picture

safari kenya 2015 145




Mombasa July 2015 090

Baobab Tree that has tusk scarring

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