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Travel Thursday: Tour of France part 1, Dombes

Whenever people meet French people, they assume that they live in Paris. I feel everyone is guilty of this, assuming anyone from any exotic country other than ours comes from a capital city or major city. France is no different, with a reputation as the capital of fashion,food, style and elegance. I don’t know how regular French people deal with the pressure of being French. “Does your family have a chateaux?” , “Do you own a vineyard?” etc are questions I have heard regular people, ask French natives. There is no denying that, they have a cute accent when speaking English. I love how they express themselves with their expressions and words. The mantra of women is the joy of living joie de vivre to be exact. A country so large with territories and departments (counties or provinces whichever you prefer) it’s hard to tie it down to one big blog . So this will be the French series of Travel Thursday.

I have explored the region of Rhône-Alpes. The region has a lot to offer it is the alp region of France. I had the pleasure of visiting Dombes one lovely Saturday. I went to the famous bird park that they have. Which is apparently one of the biggest in Europe. Parc de Oiseaux (pronounced: park deh wahzoo). If you are a bird lover this is where you should be. They have birds from each continent and its a very nice place to have a picnic beware of begging birds though. They will approach your picnic table and wait for something. I do not remember if you’re allowed to feed them. It’s family friendly too. If you want to know about the entry fees and how they support biodiversity check out their page Parc de Oiseaux. I got there by car. I am not sure if there are buses that go there, if you do have a chance to check it out please do!

Ready for my close up

Ready for my close up

france-suisse ete 2011 095

Bird with a jerry curl

france-suisse ete 2011 051

flamingos and ducks living in harmony

france-suisse ete 2011 205

One of my faves

france-suisse ete 2011 107

cute penguine

france-suisse ete 2011 080

Begging bird

france-suisse ete 2011 183


france-suisse ete 2011 067

Reminds me of the animation Rio


I love birds but hardly remember their names, thanks to the internet I know what their names are. Do you?Let’s have a game. Name that bird!Drop a comment and let me know which is which. Although, 3 birds are off the list.

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