Travel Thursday: Safari Preparedness

Travel Thursday and Foodie Sunday were on a temporary break.  Mainly, because I was on the road with my clients having the time of my life in Kenya.  I posted some pictures on my Facebook page. After planning logistics, days and schedules this part of being a tour leader is the best part. I love interacting with my clients, showing people around and  just being in nature. Before I get into the journey here’s a list of things you should know (do’s and don’ts) when embarking on a Safari.

  1. Do NOT FEED wild animals no matter how cute they are.
    Vervet Monkey

    Vervet Monkey

    In one of the hotels’ I was staying at, Vervet Monkey’s were waiting for me at the door hoping to get some food. “It’s just once!” I hear you say. This habit of feeding wild animals is dangerous. You change the whole ecosystem of the animal kingdom. By introducing them to a diet they may not get, makes them aggressive and neglect the food they are used to, mainly because they want that candy or nut you gave them.

  2. Do NOT LITTER in the park. The animals are in their natural habitat. If there is no waste basket. Just save your litter until you get to the hotel. Do not introduce items that may cause harm to the animals.
  3. Do wear closed shoes while on safari.
    Closed shoes

    Closed shoes

    If you do need to get out of the car, you never know what you may step on or if something may attack you.

  4. Do have allergy eye drops in stock. It gets pretty dusty and it may affect your eyes. I was on the road for 6 days and went through 2 boxes of eye drops.
  5. Do NOT forget to charge your equipment so you can take great pictures the next day.
  6. Do NOT forget to set your alarm clock and adhere to the times set for game drives.
    Morning Safari

    Morning Safari

    Tour leaders/ drivers are knowledgeable of the best time to view certain animals.

  7. Do keep yourself hydrated; most of the parks are situated above 1000 m above sea level. Depending on where you are the climate may vary from hot & humid, cool & wet, hot & dry, cool & humid, Cool & dry. It is easy to get heat stroke. At least drinking 2-3 litres of water is recommended.
  8. Do NOT have high expectations on viewing wild you are going to see, depending on the season you decide to explore; some animals are not always visible.
  9. Do NOT disrespect nature; in the parks it is important to be as quiet as possible. Being loud, disturbs the peace in the park. No i-pods, no music just be content in the stillness in nature, you can be as noisy as you want back at the hotel.
  10. Do ENJOY yourself immensely. The rough roads and sitting in the car may be tiring but when you spot the animal you have been dying to see in the Savannah it is worth it.

    Dung Beetle

    Dung Beetle

If you need consultation on Safari in East Africa, I have contacts that can cater to your needs, whether its luxury, you have a disability or are contemplating going on a Safari let me know.

Have a wanderlust filled day,



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