Travel Thursday: Nordic Traditions That Start The Summer

The summer is almost over for some in Europe. I love Nordic summers and slightly missing it. Having the sun set (dusk) at 3 am only to rise again at 5 in the morning is just phenomenal. I love that!

At the end of May—at least in Finland, most educational institutions close for the summer. This is especially a big deal for those who finish high school. They get their moment and a party. In Sweden however, I noticed it was the second week of June was the D-day when schools closed. The song sung when school  (primary to high school)ends in Finland is “Suvi Virsi” the same song is sung in Sweden but in Swedish. It has a beautiful melody and brings in a nostalgic mood for the parents witnessing their children graduate and shine in the productions the school has put up.

What I like about the tradition is it brings the whole community together and everyone is willing to celebrate the start of the summer and wish the new graduands well. The high school graduates get a white cape with a black rim (in the Nordic countries). I attended a graduation party and the feeling was the same the only difference was the location and the change in flag. In Finland at least that’s the only time you actually get a hat, not even when graduating from university.

Graduation Cake

The Graduation hat becomes a cake

Sandwich Cake

A Sandwich Cake

Apart from graduation ceremonies it is the time of the year when people go berry picking. A relative of mine; struck berry gold in the forest and was kind enough to share with us.

Picking Berries

What traditions do you have in your country during the summer?

Have a cultural day won’t you?



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