My Graduation–Liverpool, England


When they say a year makes a difference. It truly does. Last year today, I handed in my dissertation for marking. I remember feeling elated and excited. I was finally done with my MSc degree in Global Human Resource Management. My topic was based on the effects of leadership and its relevance in today’s changing corporate world. I won’t get into on here but I am a proud alumni of the University of Liverpool.

At the time I was studying, I did not want to be a broke student, I opted to study online, be a part-time entrepreneur and work at the same time. I did not know what I was setting myself up for!

Liverpool is the home of the Beatles and a harbour town as well, that has a dark history because of slavery. As I had not been to Liverpool before, I had to do a lot of research on accommodation, transportation and how to get to the University. The University of Liverpool has its own hotel the Vine Court, but it was full. The other hotels within Liverpool were going for 100£ + a night. I had a specific budget set out as I was going to London after the graduation ceremony. My train ticket to London and flight to Liverpool were booked and paid for even before I knew where I was going to stay in Liverpool.

A friend suggested I should try an Airbnb. This was doable as I had already signed up for Airbnb. All I had to do was research on accommodation near the university. My friend helped me with this–thank goodness. I had written to five hosts and two answered immediately. I decided to choose the one closest to the university.

After arriving at John Lennon Airport, I took a taxi to my accommodation. I was not sure about taking a bus, as I was roaming, I did not want to get a crazy bill. Thank goodness the rates within Europe will go down soon for calling as well.  I would rather take a taxi and be sure that I would get there instead of being stranded in the middle of the night. The taxi was about 12£ from the airport.When I arrived the host was waiting for me. The place exceeded my expectations. There was a laundry room, good continental breakfast, WiFi and I loved my room. I also liked that there was toothpaste, towels and soap provided. I usually carry my own–it was a nice surprise.


The place was indeed close to the university and in the evening we online students had a shindig at The Crypt Hall which was beautiful. I was impressed by the architecture and the history that it has.

Crypt 2

The Crypt Hall

Crypt Hall

Drink Selection at the Online Graduates Award Ceremony

I met a few people at the dinner and decided to experience the night life that is Liverpool. It truly is a student centre town. There was something happening everywhere.

The D day had finally arrived. My morning was hectic and I had to be there early to get my gown. I did my undergraduate in Finland and the graduation ceremonies have no gowns. You basically get a cap when you finish High School it’s a Nordic tradition. This graduation was extra special as I finally got to wear a gown. The staff of Ede and Ravenscroft helped me get dressed up. Thereafter I proceeded, towards the Philharmonic Hall with my new acquaintance and her sister, who graciously offered to take pictures of me.


The ceremony was beautiful and elaborate and will be forever etched upon my mind.

It was rainy in the afternoon and I had thought of doing the Beatles tour and explore more of Liverpool but I was not feeling too well so I spent the afternoon resting and in the evening then had dinner and drinks at Shankly Hotel with a friend.

Shankly Hotel

noel 2015 133

Celebratory Dinner for a job well done!

My family was going to throw me a graduation party that weekend so I was not too disappointed about making a big deal of the graduation. Being able to come to Liverpool, spend some days in London was already a wonderful graduation gift to myself.

Have you ever thought of studying online or traveling for education? I met people from all walks of life. It also actually inspired me to become a digital nomad. Travel more and I am a faster writer because of it.

Do not let anyone fool you, online education is not easy. It requires commitment, consistency and they do not care whether there is a holiday coming up a deadline is a deadline. I have learnt to apply this in my business as well as learnt to organize my time better.

I will definitely go back to Liverpool to experience its essence again and probably less rushed than last time and probably during the summer.

Have a lovely day!









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    Liverpool is a cool place to be. It has so much culture !

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      I know right? I am looking forward to exploring it again ?.

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