Travel Thursday: Mid Summer Dreams

There’s that time of the year in Finland where everyone is depressed and its pitch dark for months on end. Where we only experience 20 hrs of darkness and that is rough! I can not begin to imagine how those in Lapland survive as its 24 hours of darkness during the winter. During the summer, things are different. There’s 18- 20 hours of

Summer is coming

Summer is coming

light. Our  “night” is dusk. That makes up for all the long and cold winters. I hear in Norway the summer solstice is amazing. Can you picture a day where the sun doesn’t set for 3 days?  If you can’t you have to visit the Nordics in the 3rd week of June. It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen it, it still takes my breath away. Every time. For someone who is slightly nocturnal I feel I work best in a sunny environment.

Have you experienced a mid-summer solstice before?

If you haven’t you definitely should. If you have let me know what you thought and comment below.

Have a delightful and bright day!


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