Travel Thursday: Lay Overs and 8 Hacks to Keep You Busy

Travelling by air can be quick but sometimes the lay over can just zap the energy from you. My longest lay over was 7 hours in Abu Dhabi, having to wait for a flight especially in the wee hours of the morning can be daunting. You can’t really sleep or you risk missing your flight. After watching lots of airport shows, it happens.

Here are my tips on how to pass time on a long layover

  1. Make sure you know what the local time at the airport is, the time on your ticket is subject to local time and not from your place of departure. This way you know exactly how many hours you have for your layover.
  2. If the gate has been announced find it, but also be aware that they may change it at the last minute.
  3. Make sure all your electronics are charged. If you need to watch a movie, listen to music or read or chat on whatsapp this comes in handy.
  4. If you happen to be in an airport with free WiFi you have unlimited options. You can work or skype with your loved ones.
  5. If you can buy a snack. Some airports give free beverages and reading material.
travel and bunk 001

Freebies at the Munich Airport


6. Walk around and experience what the shops have to offer. This is not an invitation to shop, but there could be some good deals in case you need to buy gifts.

7.People watching at an airport can be hilarious, a fashion runway, tragic or plain boring. Depends on what tickles your fancy.

8.Some airports have gyms, prayer rooms, spas and showers. You can spend time freshening yourself up for your next flight. If you have time.

If you can not stand being at the airport, you can sightsee. You may need transit visa’s or visas depending on where you are going. Although if you are not aware of how traffic functions in a city or town. You need to make sure you can get back in time for your flight.

Enjoy your flight and lay over. If you have any tips to add you can always comment below or continue the conversation on twitter.




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