Travel Thursday : Day Off in Morges- Switzerland

I have spent quite a bit of time in Switzerland during the summer mainly because I love the jazz festival in  Montreux. This particular time I did not go due to engagements. On one of my days off, I decided to explore Morges. Is it me or does every town in Switzerland have its own castle? I took the train and got lost– I got off a stop before I was supposed to. Getting lost ended up being a beneficial thing. I found IKEA. It brought back memories if Nordic cuisine. I even found closet ideas for my next apartment or future house. They say getting lost is the best part about travelling, I had to take another train to Morges but I got to see places and vineyards I would not have noticed had I been on the other train. I would have been so focused on getting to Morges.

On getting there I was not quite sure where to go. I decided to walk straight down toward the lake. There was a nice esplanade and the view was breathtaking. I couldn’t take my eyes off the view. I decided to walk along the lake. People were having picnics, lunch and some were taking the opportunity to cycle and jog around it. I just wanted to soak up the sun, write in my journal, people watch, eat and just admire Morges.

Copenhagen- Gland 2015 108

The Esplanade in Morges


Copenhagen- Gland 2015 144

The incredible view of the Alps in Morges


After a relaxing day I decided to passby some shops and ended up visiting a grocery store to buy something to make for dinner.

Have you gotten lost and discovered beautiful places?


Have a great day finding yourself,



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    Crystal Olisa
    14/03/2016 at 10:30

    It’s beautiful, and I’m glad you could experience so much from one trip. I’m terrified of getting lost lol but you make it sound so wonderful ?

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