Travel Thursday: Code Sharing Experience with Etihad & Alitalia

In 2015 I made a point of flying with airlines I had not experienced before. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. You know when you are used to airports and certain routes, you know what to expect. I usually like to fly to specific airports, mainly because I can estimate how long it would take me from point A to Z. There is one particular airport I try to avoid at all costs. The staff are not helpful and the signage is confusing–maybe I just need to improve on my sign reading skills. The distances are long and the security line is even longer. I won’t mention any names but you get the drift.

On this particular occasion I flew with, Etihad Airways. I had heard many good things about the airline but I also heard the lay over’s were pretty long as well. That’s why I had not been to excited to fly with them.

Anyway so this time, I decided why not just book on this particular airline. The prices were reasonable. This would mean two lay overs one in Abu Dhabi and the other in Fiumicino. I booked an Alitalia flight and it was code sharing it with Etihad Airways.


Again, I think it is normal for airlines from predominantly Islamic countries  to have prayers on board before take off. I also like that there are videos on safety. The entertainment was vast, with a selection of the latest movies. I got to watch a couple I had intended to go see at the theatre.

The service was great, as you know I pre-order a special meal each time I fly and it’s always a pleasant surprise to find out what I shall eat. The food was excellent and catered to my needs and my meals were served on time. The stewards were friendly and very helpful. I really liked the wine selection they had.

As it was a codeshare flight, keep in mind if you are flying blue even though you booked with a flyingblue flight they will not give you your flying miles. Unless you end up flying with the airline you booked with. Etihad partners with other airlines but does not belong to a particular alliance. If you do intend to fly to Abu Dhabi often, I suggest you get their card.


Alitalia, is the epitome of Italianisms– if there is such a word. The service, design and the food was excellent. I got my special meal again and was blown away.  I remember I loved the lay out of my breakfast and the food in general.  The service was good and the wine selection was great as well.

I would definitely recommend flying with these airlines as their service surpassed my expectations. For those of you who fly regularly you know, you can end up finding moody stewards and different personalities so its best to fly with no expectations.

Enjoy your next flight,



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