Travel Thursday: 8 Tips To Cushion The Shock of Travelling

Not everything black and white

Not everything black and white

Before travelling the world to an exotic place you have never been to– there are 8 things you need to consider.

  1. The Culture

Some cultures’ notions of appropriate is not necessarily in line with yours.  For instance in some cultures, when you stay with them they provide you with everything. Unless you are a child, you are expected to contribute in some way whether it is offering to buy daily essentials (milk, sugar, fruits) or by cleaning. That is , if you plan on staying with someone. On the other hand there are cultures where what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine. Dressing appropriately according to where you are is important. Ironically the hottest places in the world have dress code restrictions on length and exposure of skin.

  1. Cash Culture

You’re used to paying with plastic. Some places just do not have the visa machine or the ATM won’t work.  Learnt this on my trip to Athens just when the crisis started there. Make sure, you are prepared. Learn how to hide your money–get a money belt. There are various different types you can find. Also some tend to copy cards, make sure to check your bills or statment to avoid shocks on your purchases while on hoilday.

  1. Know your nearest Embassy/ Council

In case of any unfortunate event. Your embassy may know how to repatriate you or replace your passport. Some foreign missions may not be that helpful to their citizens,although they tend to provide information on the p’s & q’s of how to dress and behave in the country they are based in. Have copies of your official documents too to prove your identity just in case.

  1. Mind your language

Learning how to say please and thank you in the local language gives you points. You may get better service as a result.

  1. Be Smart

There’s a YouTuber I follow and on their trip to Thailand. They were approached to enter a competition to win an iphone via a scratch card. They weren’t interested but the guys insisted. They humored them and were told that they had won. To get the iphone they had to go to the office.They would be given a ride to go get it at the “office”. You get the picture. Those are red flags!

Be smart and if a deal is too good to be true. Think twice. There are cases of human trafficking and don’t go off with strangers that try to separate you or tell you, you have won a competition you haven’t participated in. That there’s a party in a certain building and only one of you is invited. Stay safe, as much as there are good people in this world. There are people who take good intentions to a whole other level.

This can also happen in your own countries too it’s not limited to exotic places

  1. Activities

In some countries going around by bicycle is the norm and walking. If you are not used to that , mentally prepare yourself and get comfortable shoes you can walk in.

  1. Be Open

You didn’t leave your country to go to another place to eat the exact same foods and have the same exact experiences. The idea of travelling is experiencing. You can have an exotic experience within your own country too depending on where you go.

  1. Paper work

Consider what vaccinations or documents you may need before travelling.  Nothing worse than being prepared for a trip and finding out you can’t go because of a visa.


Don't get caught off guard!

Don’t get caught off guard!

  Have an adventurous day won’t you?



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