Travel Thursday: 8 Essential Tips to Planning A Get Away

I have been getting questions on how to plan a holiday. Is it really that simple? In my opinion making the decision to go on holiday or travel is easy. It is the logistics (transportation) and accommodation which can be quite a headache especially, if you have never visited the place before and know no locals. That’s why I am thankful for the internet and tripadvisor. My trip to Greece was one of those; I did research on accommodation and how to get to and from the airport, price of bus, taxi and restaurants. I stayed in a bed  & breakfast that was not too far from the centre. If I hadn’t done research on what type of place I was visiting, I would not be mentally prepared.

  1. Book your flights first and worry about the accommodation later. The price of tickets sky rocket during peak season. If you are going on holiday book at least 2 months in advance. You may be surprised at the price. Unless your flight includes accommodation. If you are going by road or train, sometimes booking in advance is an advantage unless the prices are fixed.
  2. Check Tripadvisor and travel forums on the accommodation you intend to stay in. Sometimes forums may give you a brutally honest picture of that the place really looks like, it’s services, staff and the surrounding area. Some places are so remote; you may not get information on accommodation. You may be notified about scams.
  3. If you have access to books on the country or place, it will make it easier to plan where you want to visit. The internet will also give you an idea of the prices and allow you to budget on the activities you want to perform. This can give you enough time to add some more cash to your holiday fund.
  4. If you have set budget and can’t afford a hotel try looking out for airbnb or rent out a studio / apartment for a set duration. One week may be equivalent to one night at a hotel this way you can sort out your meals and get local information on the place you intend to visit.
  5. Check the weather report and the temperatures of the place. It may be very cold or very hot. While in Switzerland I had heard of the heat wave but had no idea how bad it could get. Carry appropriate clothes or shoes for the weather.
  6. If you are going to different countries, make sure find out whether you need a visa and if it’s available on arrival or via an e-application. In some countries this may take weeks. So plan in advance.
  7. Carry enough currency, the first time I went to Greece, the crisis had just started so I was not able to withdraw money from most ATM’s. Some places encourage cash only so beware if you are used to paying in plastic. Speaking of money having a money belt and a pouch where you can store your documents is important.
  8. Research, research and more research. I cannot stress this enough.

Remember to take everything as an experience. Hope this tips were helpful.

Have an adventurous day.



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