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Thoughtful Tuesdays: Unexpected Gifts That Fuel The Fire

For those of you who follow me on my Facebook page, I posted about the power of thoughts shortly. I will write about how this  process of writing my thoughts got reaffirmed and why in my next post.I have been really busy with my Masters of Science dissertation. I finally got it out of the way!Can’t wait to get my degree and right now I am working on connecting with like-minded people. Trying to keep up with one post a week during that time seemed super challenging, but I managed.

I know life happens but I felt I had to;how else would you know how magical and fabulous Kenya is? As well as the joy it gave me to write something non-academic for a change.

Speaking of non-academic a few weeks ago my tweet for you non-twitter buffs was favourited by someone and usually regardless of who favourites my tweet or Retweets I take my time to thank them. Unless of course we know each other and I can Whatsapp you to say THANK YOU directly. So this particular person who favourited my tweet was an author, traveller and so much more. I got to see the synopsis of the book and knew I had to buy it. I wrote back thanking the guy who favourited it and told him I needed his book. With the intention of buying it, of course! I was taken by surprise when he offered to send it to me. I could not believe my eyes! First I was shocked, then surprised then the realization that I was actually going to get the book, got me doing my happy dance.Thereafter the feeling of gratitude and being thankful  for the gift I was about to receive at a time I felt I needed it the most. I still  went through the same emotions when I received the book, to the amusement of my nephew. After sending my details, I went to look at the website and was so amazed by all the achievements the author Leon Logothetis had achieved, at that moment I felt like I had been living under a rock (Of course I had been! Focusing on my academics ). How come I did not know who he was? Especially, since I intended to connect with like minded people, who travel to connect and truly experience other people’s culture. Travelling really opens my eyes to different aspects of the world I never dreamt of and makes me feel like one drop in an ocean. That there is something out there bigger than us and we are all interconnected in one way or another. That Leon believed in kindness was even more overwhelming. I always say kindness and politeness does not cost a thing.

The Kindness Diaries

The Kindness Diaries

I believe in the power of timing and writing down my thoughts  (the positive ones). This book which arrived the previous Friday is not just a book, it is THE book! You need to read it if you feel disconnected from your world,are into travelling and need inspiration, if you’re going through things. Struggling with your dream and your immediate family does not get what you are talking about. THIS IS THE BOOK for you.

If you’re not into kindness and connecting with people do not bother with this book. I want to read the book once more before I send it out. As I got it as a gift and it came at the right time in my life. I want to pass the gift on. It’s a signed copy by the author himself. Crazy! I know, I just got a brand new book,a signed copy that the author himself sent and I am giving it away. My blog is turning a year next week and the support I have received from all of you around the world from places I have never visited means a lot.

Once more,THANKS SO MUCH Leon for the book! I can only thank you by spreading the word on ‘ The Kindess Diaries’.

Sometimes everything just feels so impossible when you are going through things. Simple things like waking  up from bed and leaving the house to go do what you are supposed to do seems so IMPOSSIBLE. Why is it when everything seems smooth sailing the tide seems to want to pull you down to the bottom? In order to survive we MUST stay above water and by staying above water we have to think positive. That things CAN and WILL change , it all starts with ME. Despite everything that has been happenning; staying positive keeps me going, mainly because grudges, anger and sadness are burdens too heavy to carry. It weighs you down.

That’s basically what Leon’s book is about letting go, trusting yourself and reconnecting and moving on.

Stay positive and do not stop believing in your dreams. You better work for it though, if you want it to happen!



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