Thoughtful Tuesday: What is Consciousness?

According to the dictionary being conscious is the ability to feel , perceive and think in full possession of one’s senses.  I see this word being thrown around a lot–by people who do not seem to know the depth of the word. My consciousness may not be the same as yours, my self-awareness may reflect on my environmental, social, cultural, religious and national background. Due to these aspects I may sub-consciously or consciously perceive things due to conditioning or awareness.

For instance, because you may have money and power you are conscious that this makes people react to you differently. Due to their backgrounds you may be revered, loathed or treated with indifference. This awareness may result in building large egos that have high expectations that makes everyone feel uncomfortable around them and celebrate when they leave. Those that like to pull “Do you know who I am?” are guilty of that. In some cases it could be; you were unknowingly rude to your boss or potential client–that’s a post worthy of another blog in the near future. The fact that you know that you have money and power and choose to not let it define you or make others feel uncomfortable about it. That’s self-actualization.

Knowledge indeed is power, once you know who you are, your capabilities and limitations—there are no limitations only choices. Knowing oneself is the key to allowing one to be as well as not having expectations of who they are supposed to be. Most people are often defined based on their social and cultural backgrounds. You are because you are.  Reading Peter Senge’s book ‘ The  Fifth Discipline- The Art & Practise of the Learning Organization’ on and Stephen Covey’s ‘ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’  mental model comes into play.  Covey had a son who they perceived as weak and not academically at par with him and his wife and their kids. This made them wonder and worry about others perception of them and their child. In the end they realised that them thinking there was something wrong with their child was the reason their child was not succeeding due to their high expectations of their personal achievements. When they decided to change they became conscious of their attitude towards their child and let them be. Something beautiful happened, the child became aware of their uniqueness and excelled in everything and surpassed their expectations.

The point of the example is above is that consciousness is not limited to self but perceptions of others and how our views of them may affect how they associate with them. If you are abrasive and rude and wonder why people are getting opportunities and you are not. You may be guilty of playing victim & blaming your problems on circumstances–when you actually contributed to your own problems through action or inaction. Think about what you put out there. Thoughts are powerful and writing them down even more powerful. Sometimes people have heightened awareness of their surroundings but are stifled by nuances of culture or religion that prevents them from doing things. When sometimes things just don’t feel right and sound absurd but because it is ingrained it must be done.  Culture and religion are a beautiful thing, there’s nothing wrong with that, but one must draw the line when it harms the virtues and principals of love and good faith. When people get hurt or killed because of it, it is not right.

Acceptance such a heavy word with an uphill task—of one’s past, present and others allows for cohesiveness. If someone does not do tasks in the way you would, it does not necessarily mean they are incompetent. They may have a different approach to things but eventually get there. Accepting that their choices, character are different from yours is the first step in allowing you to SEE the person for who they are. On the other hand seeing them may allow you to see yourself. Not everyone is perfect and everyone has their flaws. The more you are conscious of who you are it makes it easier to deal with people and accept them for who they are. It will also save your money on anger management classes or meetings to the therapist and depression.

A summary would be my favourite word that I use often on Thoughtful Tuesday—Namaste

Namaste- “My soul honours your soul. I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honour the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. “

For Christians the belief is, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and man is created in the likeness of God—in that sense I feel that Namaste summarises everything and transcends all religions, cultures and backgrounds and that is why I use it on Thoughtful Tuesday’s.

Have a conscious day and be the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within yourself and to others,

Namaste once more,


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    15/09/2015 at 12:20

    Agree on the point of self knowledge. As they say, “self knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom”.

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      22/09/2015 at 15:11

      Indeed it is !Thanks for liking & commenting on my post.

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