Thoughtful Tuesday: Time Is Essence

What does time mean to you? Does it mean the 9-5 job you have; the duration in which you should be making money? The hour you should complete your education or tasks? Yes, I have seen that everyone has enough hours a day to accomplish their goals but what is its significance? Are the tasks you are doing helping you become a better person?Are you conscious of how your actions affect others?

Have I lost you with my above statement? Time is something that once you lose it, it’s hard to get back or is it? After dealing with someone who has cancer, my concept of time has changed completely. Time to me means the days, hours and minutes spent acknowledging and being in their presence. It has put perspective of what really is important. Yes, I could spend my time working my butt off to make money but when (everyone has an expiry date on this earth)– the person leaves. Will the comfort of the money that I have in the bank, make up for the time I did not spend with them?

Time it takes to bloom

Yes, you are supposed to graduate and you have this one exam you just cannot pass. You had high hopes of  graduating on the given date; but that is not the case. Sometimes, that time though frustrating may be very significant for you later. How you handle it is very important. Lecturer’s can be biased at times (University politics is a hot mess sometimes) but other times it could be your attitude in their class as well.

There’s a project you are working really hard on and you cannot seem to see any results despite your effort. Time! Rome was not built in a day. I believe that great things take a long time to master. My mum keeps reminding me of a Finnish saying that is directly translated to practise makes the master.

Those great people we hear of did not start painting, writing, singing, becoming an entrepreneur, making discoveries and being successful tomorrow. There were so many tomorrow’s before they actually got to where they are.  Most of them had to hit rock bottom for them to get where they are today.  Success that takes longer lasts longer–when you work hard at your craft and continue to be consistent.  If one thing is not working maybe change the way you perform it. On the other hand, that does not mean jumping at every opportunity. There are some people out there who know you are good and are out there to use your skills. Sometimes that opportunity that did not amount to anything is the TIME you need to learn in order to discern those that actually value you and those that do not. That time you spend learning of your mistakes and growing from them allows you to become better at your craft and a better person.

Get out of the clouds

Listen to the things that are being unsaid. Do you spend your time being jealous, angry or bitter about someone who wronged you, is better than you, doing better than you? Ask yourself why you allow yourself to be jealous? Why you feel bitter? All these feelings are a choice. Why can’t you work at being better at your craft instead of focussing on that person?  Spending your time thinking of them, just wasted your time of being in the present and working on yourself. Jealousy just hinders growth and you could be unknowingly blocking yourself from opportunities and blessings that should be coming your way.

If you have been wronged grieve if you have to, yes sometimes those that hurt you are the ones you love the most but did not love you the same way relationships & friendships can get complicated. That’s life! Just do not waste your energy on negative feelings when there are lots of positive things you could be doing with your time.

When you master what time is– learn to live in the present, let go of situations not in your control.You learn that opportunities beyond your wildest dreams may happen.

If you have a family and prefer to socialise with your peers and not interact with your family, a time will come when all the time you spent avoiding them will be filled with regret. Do not let petty issues rule your life. If you have a crazy family, you are excused especially if they are negative. One day they will see your worth.

As they say time is of the essence. What will you do with your time?



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