Thoughtful Tuesday: Quick Fixes vs Longterm Goals

They say patience is a virtue. I keep seeing this picture of an iceberg or the road to success. Achievement is a journey; it takes a lot of hard work to get where you want to be. The problem today is people want the easy way out. The short-cuts. What’s the quickest way to…? On social Media, internet and news there are schemes left right and centre that advocate for get rich quick solutions. Lose weight fast solutions.

Those into fads and trends jump on them, then get upset when the results do not last long. As Benjamin Franklin says “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” When it comes to health it is a choice. Do you want to be sick or do you want to live? Although nowadays a healthy lifestyle does not guarantee longevity. It just allows us to be at the best shape we possible can. Whatever it is you are planning to achieve. Make a choice. Long term results last longer than short term results. Whatever lifestyle you plan to achieve–success never happens overnight.

People hardly ever see your struggle but; are so willing to ride and lay claim to your success. As if that is not enough, they may demand to know your plans when they never supported you in your journey. They never saw the tears, the rough waters, the days you thought you could not make it or the days you were broken.

The people who watch also assume that there are quick results. If you hound a person and keep reminding them of the plans they made, without giving them time to achieve it. You are unknowingly putting pressure on them, everyone is different and everyone has their own pace. Give them space and let them update you on what is going on. If they have not, there is a reason behind it. Be the supportive one, maybe they are going through a rough patch. Just because someone looks okay on the outside does not necessarily mean they have it all together on the inside.

Patience is also needed in relationships, people have different dynamics and social skills. Not everyone gets a long. Sometimes hurt, pain or love makes people behave in a certain way.

Negative or positive– relationships are built and nurtured. To assume that it is automatic is an illusion. Just because one is related, lives next door, is a friend of a friend does not mean they will foster a relationship. It takes time. Some people just click and others just don’t and that is okay.

Life has its ups and downs there are times you will grieve, times you will experience enlightenment and times when the storm will really knock you over. If you are truly focussed on your path you shall make it.

Patience is a practise just as happiness is. Make a choice. Longevity or crumbled dreams due to short cuts.





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