Thoughtful Tuesday: Piece de Résistance

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Piece de Resistance

I had talked about consciousness a while back, and talked of acceptance. Resistance, is another factor that hinders personal growth. Resistance is described as the refusal to accept or comply with something. Everyone, goes through a stage like this in their lives. Resistance—comes in many shapes or forms through intolerance, myopic, bias, pettiness, discrimination, dogmatisms all these are synonyms for resistance.

I will resist associating with you—because I may think I am better than you. This may be true and this may be false. In my other post on age not being a number, I know many of you have had opinions or thoughts dismissed as your experience is measured by age. What do you know? Age sometimes means nothing. Experience in life is everything, some people in their twenties may have experienced a rough life and have more life experience than someone in their forties. Do not be to quick to judge. Learning does not end or begin in a classroom, to have the capacity to absorb and want to learn things is a beautiful gift. Not all of us have a thirst for knowledge but those that do, will seek it.

Imagine, you have been give the gift of sight, sound and are able to move. Everything in that movement and your abilities are effortless. Some have it all, while others have a fraction of that gift. They have learnt to make the best of it, the world has also learnt to accommodate them in various ways. Providing tools to make people with disabilities not miss out. I respect, channels and sites that have options for the hearing impaired or people with disabilities. I like that there are audio books available and that braille is an option. I like that the world is learning to look at people as people, although there are people that have standards of what a person should be. Those need to look within themselves as we are not immune. One day it could be us in that position and everything we said and did to others will be thrown back at us.

By having a look at you– the outer you, immediately you are a representation of otherness. It could be your ethnicity, the way you move, speak or what you chose to do in your life. It could be the structure of your family. You may just be an exception to the norm. It could be whatever people choose that’s not meant to be in their eyes. They resist you, because of that je ne sais quoi in you. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Due to the resistance, you start to question yourself, your sanity and if you are okay. When actually your questions of self are a projection of people’s thoughts and doubts about you. At the same time the resistance of you from them, becomes a resistance of you from yourself. When the latter happens this can slowly become a downward spiral. It can lead to thoughts of self-doubt, self-hate, lack of self-worth and eventually depression.

Do you sometimes ask yourself, why you feel so strongly about your beliefs? Are you able to really listen and be challenged to open your mind to new things? Or would you rather stick to the status quo of what society expects you to be? What are your expectations for yourself? Do you want to be the tide that flows with the river, or the one that changes the course? One thing in life that is sure and constant is change and death.

Is your resistance based on judgement or fear? Are you able to meet people as deeply as you can meet yourself? Or do you prefer to scratch the surface and go on assumptions.

What makes you conscious? Is it because you post encouraging posts from spirit science or timely quotes while you are the source of hurt of people around you?

I don’t know about you, but I believe actions speak louder than words. No one is perfect. People go through things. I believe in decorum—being kind does not cost you anything. Sometimes, people stun you with their behaviour but it does not mean you should attack them. Sometimes people assume without asking, maybe your approach was considered insensitive.  Maybe you were just having a bad day. Just remember that no matter what approach you use. Look into yourself and figure out how your unkind actions reflect on you and others.

Have a judgement free day,




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