Thoughtful Tuesday: Moving Forward

Wow! Can you believe its the last week of the year? It seems like the other day I had been making plans for 2015 and now its over.

2015 has been a whirlwind of a year with its own challenges, the best part of it all, is I can afford to smile– sit back and be thankful.

It has been everything I ever wanted and more. It included many firsts and lots of travel. Here’s the highlight of 2015

  • I graduated from my Alma Mater if you read about my journey with my illness and studying, you know it was a struggle. I made it!
  • I got to travel and visit places that I had not visited before
  • I got published in an East African Publication
  • I got to go on an air balloon 
  • I got to meet and connect with like minded people
  • I have learnt to be happy with the now and to stay in the present
  • I got blessed with more family and people that I hold dear in my heart
  • I  got blessed to spend more time with my family this year than I have in 10 years.

Looking back all these were the gifts of time, moments, friendship and love. My challenges as you all know have been the big C and other things. In all these things I have learnt to stay positive, despite my surroundings.

If you decide to think positive and focus on what is important miracles do happen. I can vouch for that. Just keep having that attitude of gratitude and things no matter how bad, will eventually look up.

Thank you to those religiously following the blog, my podcasts and for the encouraging words and comments I get. I haven’t really done as many podcasts as I would have liked this year, but that’s all about to change.

I used up all my pensiveness on yesterdays Podcast Monday . It was slightly raw. If you have a chance have a listen. I will put a post up for Wine Wednesday so keep checking spreaker. I will upload the links and write about the podcasts more in 2016.

For now I wish you all a super 2016, may your dreams come true, may your heart be fulfilled, may you find strength when you need it, may you be happy and may you connect with what makes your heart sing.



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  • Reply
    Crystal Olisa
    08/01/2016 at 14:33

    I soooooo want to go on an air balloon, yaay you! Sounds like you had an amazing 2015. Can’t wait to listen to your podcast. Hope you have an amzing 2016 ?

    • Reply
      08/01/2016 at 14:53

      It’s an amazing experience. I hope to do it again soon but probably in Cappadocia.Yes it was super tough but super amazing. It all balanced out.

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