Thoughtful Tuesday: Distractions from Fullfilment

I keep seeing the hashtag “The struggle is real”. Indeed, it is– sometimes life feels like a never ending battle especially, when things go from bad to worse. Finding solace in the present as well as staying present can be difficult.

Those that have experienced the wrath of mother nature, religious fanaticism or notions of cultural norms and expectations. Most of them go through life, grateful for the peace, freedom and love that surrounds them. Even though, they may be a waging war of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Their will to stay alive and their will to carry on is something that people admire. The truth is that in order to thrive in one’s life, we must go through trials in order for us to learn and shine. Sometimes we fail the test, sometimes we pass. Like education, exams are set to see what the student has mastered. How well will you do on your life test? Have you made it? What is making it really? Is it the material wealth you have acquired? The recognition you get? Are you respected or loathed? Who are you as a person and how did you make it?

Not everyone is perfect and everyone’s journey is different. The main issue is your FOCUS on achieving your goals and dreams. Whom do they benefit?

On that journey to achieve your dreams a lot will happen. It is okay to fall off the wagon. It’s okay to be careless. It’s okay to be fooled. It is NOT okay to get stuck in THAT pattern, where step backs (mistakes) are acknowledged but—there is no go growth. No learning from patterns, means you have accepted your fate and you are okay with being complacent.  On the other hand, if you never learn a lesson it keeps showing up in your life.

The beauty about experiences is they are part of your path to success–whatever that may mean to you. Experience in the form of set backs, gives you space to observe and evaluate how you arrived at this point. In some cases, it is the point of no return. How will you ever move on from there?

Each of us have dreams and aspirations, the question is how much work are you willing to put in? Are you in the position to prioritize your time? Willing to let go of the noise in your lives? Noise being—distractions. The distractions are routines that may not serve you, unhealthy habits that lead to the detriment of your personal/ career development.

What’s important to you and why is it important to you? The biggest favour you can do for yourself is to be honest about what you can achieve. Dreaming beyond your surroundings is okay too, just know that if you want to live a certain life, be prepared for discomfort, sacrifices and evaluate how you are going to achieve it. Whether it means moving away from what you know and love or sacrificing your time. It is all a matter of focus.

Stay focused and stay vigilant from letting your perceptions and those of others from killing your dream.



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