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Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


When making decisions we often consult others, but sometimes we have to listen to our inner-voice. Where they may be an opportunity you have longed for that has come up and you want to take it. Sometimes what we want–is not necessarily what we need! As badly as you want it, there are signs that show that it is not the right fit. Should you go with your heart or head? People tend to say use your head, others say use your heart. I say—use both!

Discernment is an emotional intelligent skill that people have–but push away. When “bad things” happen most people are angry and could not believe that someone treated them the way they did. Funny, when you ask them later–they will admit that there were signs of things not adding up. They chose to ignore the red flags.

Have you been in situations that you chose to not listen to your gut? It could be a relationship, partnership, friend or work. Are there moments where you feel connected to your hear and head?

Have a pensive week!


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