10 Ways To Heal Your Life

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes all you want to do is scream. At times; you want to ask it to stop spinning for a moment so you can catch your breath. This year my year started on a low note . I have to admit — it has not been easy to stay on track as you can see from my irregular posts  over the past few months. I have learnt, to take days as they come and do as much as I can –when I can. Balancing work, my personal life has been a heavy task, but there has  had to be a balance somehow.

1. Life, can not be all about work. It also can not be all about giving your time to others fully. It is imperative to have time for yourself otherwise you end up feeling tired, drained and irritable.

2.In order to function, I have realised that spending time with nature for a moment. Whether it means, walking with the dog, hanging out with farm animals or just sitting outside and hearing the symphony of the wind.

3. Taking time to meditate has had an impact on my wellness and wellbeing. The word meditation usually instils fear in some people. It is simply the act of sitting down and taking time to take deep breaths. When someone pisses you off and you are so enraged, you feel the need to count to ten before starting something you regret. Meditation is  just that count to ten, take deep breaths. This is a practice I try to perform everyday.

4. If you are religious you pray or if not you send out positive thoughts into the world or practice a ritual of gratitude. That too can be a form of meditation. Decide what you want and maybe pray for peace, healing or help.  The difference is this time you focus on what you feel is most important to you. It could be you need to work on your wellbeing. Whatever you may call it, you can meditate before or after– if you prefer to do it in the evening. It is up to you! No pressure!

5.Yoga as well has been good, not only to manage my health but allowing me to realize and accept the skin that I am in. Yoga is for people of all sizes and as gym addicts know when you achieve something you could not do a few weeks or months before. You focus more on your own achievements, wins than that of others. At the end of the day, it is only us that knows how far we go and the limits we set for ourselves.

6.As Earth Day is here, I have noticed that there needs to be more compassion. It is something I struggle with too. Compassion should be not only be extended to the people in our lives, but to the environment as well.

7. What we choose to eat, I choose to eat clean. You can check out some of my recipes on here.

8.  I know many people but have few people that I can actually call friend’s . I am thankful to have friend’s that I can have wonderful conversations with that nourish my soul. People who encourage each other and wish each other well. We are all in different careers and do different things may not even live in the same continent– we respect each other. The people we choose to spend time with have an effect on our mental health and bodies. So choose your time  and people in your circle wisely.

9. Family. Some family members can be highly toxic, unsupportive, selfish and jealous. The thing is in life it is never about us, as each of us go through different trials, truths and triumphs. Sometimes, people may not fully understand your journey or not want to and have a pre-conceived notion of how your life should be, but know it is not about you but about them. That goes with friend’s too.

Family does not have to be blood, it could be those people you meet that genuinely wish you well.

There are some family members who are genuinely happy for you and wish you well. Love and appreciate them, as they are rare.

10. What do you do for your environment that makes you proud?If you decide to change, do it for yourself. If you are not happy with yourself then how can you heal and be happy with others?  Sometimes keeping your head above water means changing yourself.

As Gandhi said “Be the change you would like to see in your world.”

By changing myself I_______.

That’s something only you can answer. Comment below if you would like to change and add why you want to change yourself. The Why? is so important because it creates purpose. It is all somehow connected.

Happy Earth Day and keep working towards being the fantastic and fabulous person from within.




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