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The Crave Curbing Goat Cheese Burger

This burger was inspired by an internet friend of mine. They recently shared a picture of them eating a big mac at Macdonalds on their instagram. I had been having burger cravings for quite some time. When I saw the picture, I thought to myself–That’s it! I will make it myself. I generally prefer to make my own burgers being that, I can easily control what I put in it.…

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Wild Berry Banana Merger

I have fond memories of picking berries during the summers I spent in Finland, as a child and occasionally as a teen. It meant getting together with my mum,…

Food/ Wine

Marinated Beef Stew

Now and then, there are times when I decide to cook with wine. If I get the opportunity to find good wine and someone wants to eat red meat–this…


Garlic Chicken

Hey all! It’s the weekend again. As I mentioned last week, I would fill you in on what I had last week’s couscous menu with. It’s a simple recipe. If…


Pumpkin Soup

Whenever we had them for dinner growing up, I was not the happiest camper. Of course I was grateful that there was food on the table but it was…


Dressed Banana

Desserts do not have to be complicated, do not have to contain dairy, eggs or even cost much. This is a recipe I have had time and again but…