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Vegan Lemon & Coconut Surprise

So you’re missing out on having cake because you are allergic to dairy and eggs? No problem! Cake does not necessarily need any butter or egg whites or egg yolk infact, I find it tastes even better when it’s purely plant based. For those of you who keep giving your vegan or allergy friends fruits or something else. I got a challenge for you surprise your friend with this lovely…

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Garlic Chicken

Hey all! It’s the weekend again. As I mentioned last week, I would fill you in on what I had last week’s couscous menu with. It’s a simple recipe. If…


Pumpkin Soup

Whenever we had them for dinner growing up, I was not the happiest camper. Of course I was grateful that there was food on the table but it was…


Dressed Banana

Desserts do not have to be complicated, do not have to contain dairy, eggs or even cost much. This is a recipe I have had time and again but…


Raw Vegan Cheese Cake

Before I discovered that I could make a cheesecake was when I had no problem with dairy. Then I realized I had to leave out cheese and cheesecakes all…