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Why Your Life Seems Complicated

So it’s that time of the week, where I hope you get some motivation from the monversation post. We often wonder where time goes? Wonder how we are going to do something next time. Or do something alone. Have you ever gone to the movies alone? To your favourite drinking den on your own? Visited a park or a forest on your own? If you haven’t then why not?

Does our mind-set affect your thinking? Where you feel you need someone or something to give you that boost? Sometimes discovering something by yourself may give you immense pleasure. On the other hand, our mindset may make us miss out on opportunities.

Each of us have words that we use or speak that keep us in our comfort-zone. Mine are can’t and complicated. What’s yours?

Here’s yesterday’s podcast. I break down the word that I keep hearing and give you an example of your comfort-zone here.

Do not be afraid to live, do not be afraid to leap…as I had said happiness is a state of mind. Remember change is the only constant thing in life. It’s easier when you change before circumstances force you to change.


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    Melissa Zibi
    27/02/2017 at 21:15

    I don’t know if i ever have a confort zone, i have the feeling like my confort zone is adventure, to never stop take risk and try new things! i love it so much that i don’t now if i will ever be able to settle! life is so funny
    Nice article!!

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