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When Kindness Is Equal to Flirting

Do you struggle with staying present? Do you struggle in your daily lives? Do you feel you need a hero?

Sometimes life can just seem insanely annoying with all types of negativity, so much so that nowadays when you smile at someone or are nice it is considered flirting. Or you ask yourself why is this person smiling at me or being nice? When it could be that they are, nice and are just naturally joyful. I had a single male friend complain that when he spoke to a lady for more than 15 minutes they often took it that they were into them. When all he was going for was just a good conversation. Now that he is experiencing another culture, he prefers to be by himself. That says a lot about society when no one gives you the time of the day, that a little attention gives you false hope. It also shows how warped our interactions with people are in general.

I often miss really good conversations when I travel. I relish it when I meet some random person on a plane, bus or train who is willing to have a conversation and just enjoy their company. Depending on where I am, there are places like Finland where saying hello randomly to someone you may get a scowl– even on a lift. So sometimes it’s hard to gauge who is receptive. What I do often is try to smile or nod my head to say hello. While when in Switzerland or France most passers- by do say the Bonjour/ Bonsoir.

Sometimes saying hello could open doors for you that did not exist or by saying thank-you! Even just standing up for someone could make their day or just showing up.

I explain this more on the podcast.

Here’s a thought from the Monversation of the week.

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Monversation of the week

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