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We Should All Travel

My love for traveling began as a child. My parents would take me on mini road trips to places near the city where we lived. I would look forward to the change of scenery and the rest stops, where we could soak in the view or eat. It was disturbing  to meet people who had never left their city. Especially, if they had the resources to do so. Traveling broadens your mind and allows you to examine things from a different perspective. Due to this taste for adventure, I get restless. In my opinion; the only fever worth having is travel fever.

We should all travel

We should all travel


Impala at the Nakuru National Park

Impala at the Nakuru National Park

My best memory of a first of many road trips was with my mother and her friend.  Then our car choice was a Toyota Starlett from the 80’s.  As you may have already deduced, it was my first girl’s trip. I must have been about 5 years old. We were driving on a dusty road and everything you could imagine happened on our trip. The exhaust pipe  got loose and eventually fell, we had a flat tyre and the car stalled at some point. Luckily, in those days, jump starting did the trick (manual car owners know what I mean). As for the exhaust pipe, my mother’s friend lend us her belt. My mother being the solution finder that she is; improvised by hooking the exhaust back with the belt and it worked ! The exhaust lasted the whole trip and thereafter was fixed by a mechanic.

It was hot dusty but we ( meaning my mother and her friend) handled it. I have fond memories of that road trip and many others. Good thing both of them knew how to change tyres. How many of you can’t change tyres or wouldn’t know where to start? My parents philosophy is, if you want to learn how to drive you have to learn to change a tyre first. This is an important basic skill to all drivers. If you want to go on a road trip, it’s the best thing you could ever teach yourself. It is important as well to remember to carry a spare tyre and check that you can use it if the need comes up.

I encourage everyone to travel, even if it’s within your own country or city. You can travel through cultural events, ethnic restaurants and making friends with people from other countries. Traveling means being open-minded. There are lots of communities I know, who prefer to go “visit” a country by staying in hotels where the staff speaks their language and serves their food. Giving up your own for a week or two is not so bad. Although people who have food allergies or eat special food, may be frustrated at the lack of choice. Make sure you are aware of the food choices, if you have food allergies or restrictions.

For some people international travel seems like a dream, especially when it comes to visa requirements. Some countries have ridiculous requirements especially countries in the Northern hemisphere. Ironically their requirements to visit other countries are lax and minimal, on top of that some are lucky to get visa’s at the airport. On the other hand, these decisions are political and I fully understand the scrutiny though in most cases it’s blatant stereotypical perceptions of people from the Southern hemisphere.

The last show was a struggle, in the mountains it was raining and on top of that finding continuous WiFi. While doing the show, I had to move around the room to ensure that I got a reception.

Here’s the link of the last show. It has tips on travel preparation and how to be smart when searching for tickets.

Speaking of travel, the throw back series of Travel Thursday will be back from next week.

Have a fantastic day wherever you are,


Donna x

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