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Taking Care of Yourself through Yoga: Health & Wellness Courtesy of CJ

Lately, I have been on a journey to wellness. I have had health problems for a long while and missed out on a lot of activities that I loved. Dancing, strolling, running and going to the gym. After some hydrotherapy, I was given the green light to practice yoga.

Yoga is something that I had heard of and thought of practising. The opportunity presented itself  at  the gym. At first I was not too keen on it. It was interesting how at the beginning of the class, I would be so strung out . When I finally got into it,  I started to fall into the poses and was so relaxed after my yoga session. I would walk hardly feeling the ground. Just like I had spent a day at the spa. After getting the green light I had been thinking of taking yoga up again, but really wanted private or smaller session lessons. I was basically searching for someone who understood my medical condition. As luck would have it, I met a yoga instructor who was trained by a former physiotherapist in India. She managed to cater yoga according to my needs. The yoga instructor is CJ Hankar.



CJ is a Ken-Belge (Kenyan and Belgian). She grew up in Kenya but has lived in France, Belgium, India and currently lives in Finland. The Ken-Belge was introduced to yoga by Mahi in India. Her studio is situated in Espoo. A dedicated instructor and committed to her students. Health and wellness also means taking care of one’s mind. Through yoga, you learn to meditate and be in the now and breathe correctly. CJ talks about this extensively on the  show.

I have heard in passing that yoga is a religion, and some people say negative things about it. In my opinion, talking about something you have never tried or experienced is the same thing as listening to a rumour about you; by people you don’t know.

When it comes to my health and wellness, unless I have a doctor’s note I make sure that I spend a few hours a day doing something. Whether it’s walking 5 –10 km in a day, doing a work out video, yoga or coming up with my own sets. An hour to one and a half work out or walk is enough. Your body is the only home you have and you have to take care of it. Think of it this way, if you spend a n hour or more watching your favourite show, reading your favourite book or even spending that time on social media during your free time. You can find time to spend an hour on yourself. The show and book are going nowhere. With the internet you can watch it later or get a DVD for your show.

To listen in more and learn more about CJ as a yoga instructor you can listen in here. She can be found on Facebook .

Love yourselves and take care of your body and mind,

Donna x

ps. Photo credit  from CJ

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