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Of Dreams and NOT Giving Up

I love festivals! They always bring a fresh perspective to whatever art is presented. Today, I had the pleasure of attending the Montreux Jazz Festival.It’s in Montreux, Switzerland. I hopped on the train from Nyon, Switzerland to Montreux. The Swiss Rail had a group offer for a max of 5 and minimum of 2 traveling 20% so it was about 51€/60 CHF. This was not a bad deal as Swiss trains have a reputation of being pricey.

Montreux Jazz Festival 2014

Montreux Jazz Festival 2014

Being under the weather this past few days, I missed Laura Mvula’s concert which was last night. I bet it was SPECTACULAR!

I love Laura’s music, so was quite disappointed I missed her performance. Watching her on YouTube and hearing her perform was supposed to be amazing. She had a workshop at  the Petite Palais at 1pm.

The Workshop at Petite Palais

The Workshop at Petite Palais

Despite missing her perfomance, this was even better. The venue had a q & a session and she was interviewed about her music, the process of how she got a record deal and how she go to where she is in general. Some things she said I knew

( being a fan), others were pleasantly surprising.

What I left with from this workshop is everything has its time, the right opportunities present themselves when you’re ready.

I am not a musician, but appreciate good music.  Laura sent demos to 20 different people and 1 person replied. She also was part of a singing group with her aunt’s and was basically the weakest link. Till a promoter had told her aunts not to bring her with them next time. Her aunt had faith in her and asked her to arrange music then compose songs. I believe her experiencing music in a different way made it possible for what we know of her today. To crown the moment she sang ” Father, Father”.

It was beyond epic! You just have to experience her raw and live to understand. I still have goosebumps thinking about it!

Don’t give up on your dreams despite what people may say.

I had wanted to see or meet Laura Mvula this year and it happened! I may have missed the concert but immensley thankful and happy to have experienced her in a more intimate setting. Sometimes the answers you are looking for come at the right time. The Law of Attraction (LOA)  and what you put into your thoughts are very important. If you tell yourself you can not, you can paralyse yourself. Be your own best friend and supporter, be passionate and you’ll get there. Be kind to yourself too and keep positive thoughts.

Laura Mvula at the workshop in Petite Palais Montreux

Laura Mvula at the workshop in Petite Palais Montreux

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Donna x

Ps. I have a show tomorrow on travel check your local listings on the time.


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