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Obstacles Are Part of Growth

Why is it that in life when we are faced with obstacles we try to avoid it or ignore it? It could be with our health, relationships, work or how we deal with things.  Why is it that we live in fear of having that tough conversations? Live in fear of the unknown when by facing whatever it is that scares you may have not been bad after all. Avoidance has dire consequences, not only is it expensive but it could eventually destroy you.

Life is like a driving test, you may know all the signs by heart but if you make a wrong move that may be considered dangerous you aren’t fit to be on the road. We may miss a turn, get lost, have detours or delays but we will get there eventually.

Here’s  this weeks’s monversation

Obstacles are part of growth

Obstacles are part of growth

To listen in deeper have a listen to this weeks  podcast.


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