Jumping Ship: When its time to move on from the anchor that’s pulling you down?

Sometimes life throws you curves, knives, balls or the ground is taken from you. Life really” is a play with no rehearsal” as the singer Monae puts it– in her song Q.U.E.E.N. As change is the only constant thing, we can only hope that things get better. Though, in some cases instead of things getting better they get worse or stagnant. I feel the latter is worse. Progress and growth are an integral part of life. Progress will not happen unless we are committed to change. The last show was not my best, but I hope my point got across. My mic that I usually use which happens to be my phone died. These phone these days have a short life span, thank goodness for syncing and back ups. Have to get me a new mic. So had to use a make shift one that did not block out the sound, sigh. Sometimes when the second Sunday of the month rolls in, I have had moments where the show may be 48 hours away and I have no topic. So do I risk not being consistent or  do away with the show? Or should I go ahead with it and see what happens? I try to be consistent and progress in my delivery but sometimes, I get in my own way by being too much in my head.



What holds you back from achieving your goals? Is it money? Your location? Your circle? Your job? Your country?  What will motivate you to make that change. Curves exist solely for the purpose of change. To get us off our high horse . Force ourselves to be on the outside looking in. Maybe if these changes did not, we would not have considered changing.

What are your interests? So you have people in your life who share your interests? No? Find those people, they can be found within your community or on social media.

If you’re at that point where you are unhappy with your life, career, studies or relationships. Write what you’re grateful for first and or the positive aspects in your life. If there are less positive aspects, it is TIME to MOVE ON!! When you plan to move on ALWAYS have a plan. For some people taking the plunge or having faith that things will work out works for them. Be smart!

If you hate your job and have a horrid boss and its not your career path, think that its temporary and a small step to your big leap. Search for something or find a way to get into your dream job. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you really want it you will find a way. Do not step on people’s toes on your way up. It may end up biting you on your dérrier.

Studies, you’re going to be in that exam room, classes and studying on your own. Make sure it is something you are really passionate about. Or you can study International Business like I did. It’s a good base! Trust me, if you’re thinking of turning your passion into a business doing basics on business is sort of a must. It will not only save your pockets but its important to understand how business is run. Anyway, just because I studied it, doesn’t mean I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As for relationships, people end up getting disappointed by having expectations of the people around them. Not everyone has your best interests at heart and some people are looking out for themselves. You have to be assertive and know who you are and what you want. Relationships are complicated but the main goal is to be happy and content or whatever reason you are comfortable with. To listen in on the show you can listen to it here.

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Have a fabulous week,


Donna x

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