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Happiness Is A State of Mind

So it’s a new year or month and you may have not managed to accomplish your goals. Maybe your goals are to lose a certain amount of weight, make a certain amount of money or get that contract and it hasn’t happened. You want to have the means to buy that car, trip or whatever it is because it will make you happy. You may be single and longing to get a partner or get married–in your mind that will definitely make you happy. Or you are relying on that relationship to make you happy?

What if? You have accomplished all your goals and you are not happy? What do you do then? Do you sit down and whine and say if I got this or had this it would make me happier. The reality is that it doesn’t really matter. Possessions, people and places can make us happy but only momentarily. You–yourself are responsible for your own happiness. Imagine if those things you wanted did not exist anymore. Would you still be happy or would you keep searching till you got it.

Who is in charge of your happiness?

Who is in charge of your happiness?

I know of people who keep searching for happiness– in the wrong places because they want to fill a void. They want to feel like they belong. Or they just want that momentary pleasure.

How do you search for happiness if you do not know where to start? Ask yourself what would happen if….would I still be happy? Happiness is a state of mind and starts with yourself.  The key to happiness is finding your joy and those moments that make you feel great even on your dark days. It is a gift that you can have for a lifetime, it’s like your health. If you practice mindfulness and eat healthy and move a lot you are working on your longevity. It’s the same with happiness, whatever you put into your mind that’s negative will keep manifesting in your life. So choose to be positive. Choose to be mindful. After all, happiness is a choice!

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