Guess Who’s Back?

It’s been a while since I went behind the mic, being on the road had made it difficult for me to find reliable internet.

Spotted a lion in the Maasai Mara , post Hot Air Balloon ride who wouldn't be happy?

Spotted a lion in the Maasai Mara , post Hot Air Balloon ride who wouldn’t be happy?

I am now temporarily on Spreaker but will be going back and forth between Blogtalkradio. I got wind of this Spreaker Studio app while on the road. As my mobile data was erratic I didn’t get a chance to view it properly till I got back to my temporary base.  It gave me a chance to compare the platforms I use. I love Blogtalkradio for the following reasons :

  • I can post live
  • I get a free phone number where my listeners can call in
  • I can have more than one guest at a time
  • Scheduling

I missed the thrill of being live but, don’t worry, I will be podcasting live as soon as I get reliable internet.

Spreaker Studio is convenient as I can pre-record and add sound effects and it’s convenient.

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started podcasting.  Taking the plunge to say and talk about what I wanted to talk about is freedom in itself. I remember one October in 2013, when I felt at loss with the direction my career was taking. I experienced a lot of setbacks and wanted help so I decided it was time to seek a life coach. I felt that the people I interacted with, did not SEE ME. By seeing me, I meant I did not feel valued.

Moon Rising

Moon Rising

At that point I was experiencing burn out and feeling stretched out form all different directions.  For those of you who don’t know what a Life Coach is, it’s basically someone who is slightly like a mentor but encourages you to be the best of your abilities. I wanted someone who didn’t know me and did not feel the need to spare me or protect me from the truth. They are cheerleader’s, that encourage you to achieve your goals, but will definitely tell you when you are not doing enough.  They are your coach but their purpose is NOT to tell you what to do with your life but encourage you to LIVE yours. In your own truth, in the most authentic way you feel as possible. As I was writing my list of 10—10 things I would like to achieve. Having a radio show was one of them. This was how Donnasmèlange was born. I actually started with the podcast before I started the blog.

If you are ever thinking of having a podcast, realise that radio and podcasting is like night and day. How do I know this? I consulted 3 different people in the media industry namely film & radio. Their advice was welcome. One thing I was advised about was time, that it should be shorter. On doing research I have come across podcasts that are hours long. One thing you have to keep in mind is that it is not radio. People listen to you when they want to, so time constraints should not be an issue here. I did get some great tips on sprucing it up. Doing live shows can be intimidating so during my first shows I may sound robotic. You live and you learn. The beauty of this whole process has been growth and value. Through the podcast I got to meet and interview amazing people across the board. This year I have plans for the podcast which I will let you know in due time.  If you have been listening to Donnasmélange from day 1 and continue to share my podcasts. I appreciate you and THANKYOU.  I don’t usually check the stats but it makes a difference to know I wasn’t talking to myself 😉



Here’s a listen to my first podcast of 2015 its one of my shortest shows EVER.

Have a super week ahead,



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