Going it Alone and Building a Business Out of Your Talent

Every second Sunday of the month, I put on my radio host and radio producer hat. I have guests on the show now and other times I have one on ones with you; the audience. I had a guest scheduled for this particular Sunday despite planning and preparation we had to move the show to another date. I usually try to advertise the show a week before to build up an audience. Although, since I started podcasting every shows reception has been different. For instance, shows that I spent advertising a week earlier may have had less listeners on the broadcast day than the one’s I advertised 24 hours or a few days before. It all comes to show that marketing is all about timing. The beauty of podcasts, you can listen in at anytime that is convenient for you.

This process of being self-taught I have learnt to be prepared. To expect the unexpected. I spent some of the morning coming up with content for the radio show; thus the show was pushed to a half an hour later. I would have made it at the slotted time, but I had to take my time to ensure that the content I produced would be something I would be proud of. The show on Sunday was inspired by Ali Mese’s article. Thank you Ali!

If you follow me on twitter you know that I am in the process of writing my dissertation for my master’s degree. My topic is somewhat based on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a passion of mine. My mother was an entrepreneur and I learnt a lot from watching her. I witnessed first-hand how she treated her clients, how she got referred and some of her clients were influential. I also learnt my most important lesson tact. Sometimes you may have a difficult and unreasonable client who thinks they can do anything, just because they are paying you. I still struggle with this but have learnt that regardless of how they choose to behave. I am in control of the situation.

My undergrad degree was in International Business, my passion for travel and lifestyle however, trumped my motivation to work in logistics. Naturally I ended up dabbling  in events, doing destination management, cultural and marketing consultation. When I got my first pay from the work I did, it felt surreal. I got hit by the entrepreneurship bug and been working part-time in different industries to work on my dream. At some point it involved changing industries and being in two schools and working at the same time. Ironically I still deal with logistics but of people instead of shipments.

The show touched on mistakes people make when embarking on entrepreneurship.

One thing potential entrepreneurs need to know about businesses; is its imperative to learn local laws on taxation and filing. Knowing local and international business law and regulations, can save you a lot of grief. It can also save you from unnecessary expenses you may incur. Insurance companies, banks and marketing companies may prey on you as your details are open to them through the chamber of commerce. At least, that’s how it is within the EU.

You may end up paying for a service you could have easily done yourself. You may also unknowingly pay for services you are entitled to but are not receiving. Always READ THE FINE PRINT.

Another major mistake new start-ups make is if it is not in writing it is void. Always save your contracts or emails when it comes to issues of payment, you can always look back and refer to it. This way you reduce your risks of getting taken advantage of. It is a business after all, not a charity. Make sure you agree in writing, when collaborating with someone how and when you intend to do something.

You have to keep in mind that any mishaps can also damage your reputation. Frustrated and used people tend to talk negative things about you than satisfied people. It may not have been your fault but if your name and hands are coloured all over the business. You are the problem and have to take responsibility.

To hear more about the common mistakes made and hopefully get motivated. You can listen to the show here.

Move forward and don't look back

Move forward and don’t look back

Have a lovely week ahead,


Donna x

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