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Foodie, Photographer, Traveler: Eugene Farrell


An Irish man in Finland

An Irish man in Finland, Eugene Farrell


I had the pleasure of having my favourite Irish chef, Eugene Farrell as my guest on Donnasmelange.  I first met Eugene during my undergrad days at University. Frantically, looking for a photographer for a school project as I did not want to present a mediocre project. A dear friend, referred me to him and I contacted him.  We met,connected and I explained what I wanted. He understood me and we agreed on a date. The autumn Sunday we did our shoot, ended up being a catalyst for the source of happiness in my life.

Autumn project : Photgraphy Eugene Farrell

Autumn project : Photography Eugene Farrell

From that day on wards, Eugene has evolved in his photography and become someone I truly admire and have deep respect for. Not only as a friend, but as a fellow creator. He inspires me through his work, travel and passion for food. Spending time with Eugene and his lovely family is always a pleasure.  Having him agree to be on my show, was an honour.

Eugene is a partner, father, friend, chef, freelance photographer, food stylist, he is also involved in the project Humans of Helsinki  and author of the blog From A Cooks Heart. His blog was inspired by him creating family recipes that he intends to pass on to his children. Speaking of children, the reason behind the lack of updates is he is literally creating deliciousness for his son. He is expecting another Farrell in July . At Eugene’s you get home made cider, bread and he also loves to recycle and create things with wood. Does he have a future in interior decor? Who knows, that’s the beauty of being a creator/ artist. Expression.

For those who are foodies and love to make food but do not know how to garnish, decorate or style  your food. Eugene highly recommends this site https://www.creativelive.com. He says there are free courses you can take online. Check out his blog and the shots he has taken of people in Helsinki and around the world in his travels.

Side note: Being a podcaster is a process, I am learning and a self-taught presenter. The risk of doing any live show; is things could go wrong. On this occasion with the show, the show experienced some technical difficulties. There were some parts where you may not hear what he is saying but that’s why I  have this blog. So you the listener/ reader can get to know my guests better. The 20-30 minute show will not necessarily cover everything, but the blog will give you an understanding of the person behind the voice. The show must go on.I committed to the second Sunday of the month. I must go on irregardless of technical issues, mishaps etc.  Apologies for the quality of the recording.

To learn more a bout Eugene check him out on this link on my show  Donnasmelange. You can also like Humans of Helsinki on Facebook.


Donna x

Ps. All photo’s are published with permission. Photography courtesy of  and by Eugene Farrell.









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