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Wine Escapades in Tallin

Day trips definitely do not have to be boring. There are so many things you can do. If you focus on a theme or an activity you like, the trip will be more memorable. I love quick city stops but sometimes if its abrupt, I get disappointed when I find out there could have been many more places to visit. This time I decided to some research and get on with it. There is always a way to re-visit a place with new eyes.

I have talked about Estonia before and Tallin in particular. This time I decided to create my very own travel itinerary and decided to go have a wine tasting experience. I took the Eckerö Line ferry early in the morning on a Saturday. It was slightly chilly, the boat as usual was full of people ready to go to Tallin.

I had found two wine bars that had the type of wine that I was looking to taste.

Marco Vino and Gloria.

At Marco Vino we tasted a couple of fine red wines


Tenute Falezza red wines: Rosso Veronese, Valpolicella Superiore

Rosso Veronese 14.5% it’s aroma was of terroir (soil), but it tasted like potatoes and slightly salty it had tannins and was a slightly  acidic.

Valpolicella Superiore 14%  it was an aromatic wine with plum, cherry notes, basically dark flesh fruits and tasted like minerals but also was consitent with the dark berry flavour.

The percentage of alcohol was at 14-14.5 % so we did not indulge too much but had a starter with it.

Apertivo Platter at Marco Vino

Apertivo Platter at Marco Vino

At Gloria, I met Marko Härk, a certified Sommelier who showed me around the restaurant. He also recommended some really good wines for us to try. We tried Rosés and Chardonnay’s. This was because we both had different palates and it was easier to compare.


San Marzano 2015 IL Pumo Rosato, Kim Crawford

Kim Crowford 13% was fresh, the nose was a cocktail of berries, when I tasted it tasted like Strawberries. It was slightly sweet. It did not disappoint. 

IL Pumo Rosato was fresh, well balanced and smelled like cherry. It is good for the dryer palate.


Elsa Bianchi Chardonnay

Elsa Bianchi Chardonnay was fruity with hints of citrus, long finish, slightly bitter but easy to drink.


Bellingham Chardonnay 2015

Bellingham Chardonnay aroma was like, peach and wild flowers. It tasted like fennel, citric fruits and minerals.

The place is so full of character and I tasted the best pesto bruschetta that I have had in a while. I am still trying to figure out the recipe.

Best Bruschetta from Gloria

Best Bruschetta from Gloria

Marko, please email me the recipe, I can feature it on my blog and give you credit.

We then ended up in Controvento and had a late lunch before heading back to Helsinki.

Late lunch at Controvento

Late lunch at Controvento

Wine and dine at Controvento

Wine and dine at Controvento

If you already have knowledge of wine and want to sip some Italian wine. I highly recommend Marco Vino if you are obsessed with Italian wines.

If you want a guided tour on wine tasting you can always go to Gloria. It was charming and next time I am in Tallin I will definitely go for dinner.

Overall this mini wine trip was a success!

If you are on your way to Estonia and are into wines there are many other activities you can go to other towns as well.

Have a fantastic day,


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