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Wine Cellar Patriarche–Beaune,Burgundy– France

Burgundy is one of the many wine regions in France. I have always wanted to visit Burgundy not only because it produces wine but also happens to be the home of my favourite condiment– Dijon Mustard. Being a foodie, mustard is a great base for a good salad dressing, goes with barbecue and is versatile. Burgundy–the colour also has been rebranded many times.

As a tourist in Beaune apart from dinning and visiting a museum, I had the pleasure of experiencing Patriarche. A 5km of wine cellar and the largest in Burgundy. Patriarche is a wine producer and a wine merchant. There are about 3 million bottles. The wine cellar was founded in 1780, that’s definitely some history. Grand cru, Grand vins and crémant wines locked up in a vault.

Wine Awaiting To Be Opened

Wine Produced in 1980 Meursault easily be upto 100+€

Walking through the cellar itself you get the sense that wine truly is an art and act of collaboration. Someone has to make the barrels, pick the grapes, check the standards and ensure that that symphony of notes in that bottle please your taste buds. At the same time, whether you like wine or not depends on your palate as well whether you have a sweet or dry palate. To think the methods of producing wine over the years have been replicated really brings home the history of winemaking, which goes far back to the days of the Bible and beyond.

At the end of the cellar I finally had the opportunity to taste the Grand vins & Grand Cru’s that Patriarche had to offer. Each of them had different notes some fruity, some oaky, nutty and one even smelled like cheese. There were more reds than whites. Some started from 10€ other were upto 100€ a bottle. Tasting wine really has it’s perks.

I was actually thinking next time I would carry my own little aperitif box with some munchies for tasting. Some of the ones tasted I felt the sampling them would have been better with some munchies. They gave us a metal cup that resembled a candle holder. Apparently, back in those days royalty had theirs personally made out of precious metals and it was just enough for wine tasting.

The shop had all types of goodies and dijon mustard of course. When in Burgundy…I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got some goodies and souvenirs for my loved ones.

noel 2015 475

Have a thirsty day won’t you?


Donna x


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