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When Wine and Tango Merge in Argentina

Today is a different kind of Wine Wednesday. As it is 2017 and you’re planning on destinations for the year. What better way  to start the year than to let you know of how and where you can enjoy a good glass or bottles of wine.

If you claim to be a wine lover have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Where does the wine you drink come from? Wouldn’t you love to know the process and learn the names of those behind ensuring you have your favourite bottle on the table?

I have a great love for New World wines. Don’t get me wrong–the old wine world has some great Grand Cru’s and the art of making wine is ancient. I love how the New World doesn’t necessarily stick to the rules and experiments. Some grape varieties from the old wine worlds thrive in New World climates. The popular grape variety is the Malbec. Ironically it was considered really bad in France and is stilll used as a wine blend  in Bordeaux and not on its own. Infact mal bec means bad beak!  From being the underdog grape variety in the old world to being a king pin in the New World! Jokes aside– Argentina  is the world’s 5th largest producer of wines. It has a plethora of wines to choose from. Who would say no to a place that has delicious food, tango and wine that has won world class competitions?

Just a tip! Argentinian Malbec pairs very well with a burger, beets, egg plant and goats cheese. I have tried all these combinations and it was a treat!

La-Boca-y-El Puerto

La-Boca-y-El Puerto

Visiting the infamous wine region of Mendoza, experience Buenos Aires and Pampas. For meat lovers out there, my friend swore they tasted the best meat in Argentina.

Picturesque Mendoza

Picturesque Mendoza

If there’s one thing I would love to give a try more than anything apart from the delicious food, the lovely wine–it’s to tango. Dance is one of my favourite past times.


Have you thought of having a life event in Argentina? A corporate meeting/conference? Or experiencing a wine tour and wine education in Argentina?


I happen to know one of the best Sommeliers. Who is fun, knows their stuff and would love to make this happen for you, your business /company or whatever event you had in mind. You know– I would not leave you in mediocre hands!


For serious enquiries!



Have the best day ever and have an adventure and try some Argentinian wine. If you haven’t already!

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*pictures provided and used with permission by Martin Ward

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