Bordeaux’s Haut-Médoc Cru Bouregois

This wine Wednesday, I go for Haut-Médoc Cru Bourgeois, native to Bordeaux, France. Tasting wine for non wino’s can be a bit daunting especially, if you do not know what you are looking for. Red wine is good for relaxing and for a nice chilly night. I find it can be heavy, so I stick to light wines. Although when you are supposed to be tasting wines, you can’t be too selective. What’s the fun in wine tasting if you only taste what you like?

As I keep saying over and over again, finding wine is like dating, you never know what you like or dislike if you haven’t tried something different.

This Haut-Médoc 2011 vintage from Chateau Larose Trintaudon ended up being a winner.


  • This particular wine had a wooden cork. For those who hate screw caps this will definitely be a winner.  at first when I sniffed it it smelled like petroleum. My senses were all over the place and I could not figure out what the notes were. Then when I tasted it, it was just awful.
  • I laughed at myself when I realized that the wine needed to aerate so I let it air for an hour. If you are impatient you can decant it. I was actually preparing a meal so I didn’t mind.
  • After an hour the aroma was like night and day. It was heavenly. The aromas I got were of  vanilla, grape and minerals.I finally took a sip it tasted like raspberry, was slightly salty, had  a long finish. The longer I let it air the better it tasted.

This variety Haut-Medoc is native to Bordeaux and is a great red wine for wine skeptics. I have a sweet palate so going off my comfort zone this was really good.

This can be paired with game,red-meat and strong cheese. It’s rather strong with vegetarian meals but you can probably pair it with a meal that has mushrooms, eggplant or fleshy plants.

I give this wine two thumbs up!

This wine alcoholic percentage was 13% so do not drink if you are planning on driving.

Happy Wine Wednesday!

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