For The Love of The Festive Season–Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore

I wasn’t much of a red wine fan for a while, with my sweet palate I found some rather dry and they would give me headache. As I have embarked on this journey of wine knowledge, I have started to figure out, what suits me and what doesn’t. I have featured this wine on my instagram and some snaps. It has become my favourite wine of 2016.

This Italian wine has definitely motivated me to definitely make Italy a plan for 2017. This Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore 2014 vintage is by Fratelli Giuliari. I got this from Tino. Valpolicella being a medium-red wine it should be chilled served at 13C. It actually helps to bring out the aromas of the wine and it actually tastes better.

Finally, when I took a sniff after an hour– the bouquet was aromatic. To the nose it gave hints of wild dark berries, terroir, pepper and licorice. It is full bodied, velvety, fruity and has a long finish. I discovered it goes well with barbecued or roasted meat, veggies and cheese (camembert, cheddar, cottage cheese, mozzarella, halloumi, feta or any goat or lamb cheese). Best served between 16-18 C. This is a great chill and table wine, but not very productive if you plan on writing after two glasses it is 14.5% alcohol volume. I would definitely recommend it with food.

If you are in Switzerland you can order this wine from Tino.

Have a festive rest of the week!


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