For the Love of The Festive Season–Moscato d’Asti

As the festive season is upon us this coming weekend, this will be my last feature of wine recommendations for wine Wednesday for 2016. I hope that the options of red, white and sparkling gave you an idea of what you should purchase and pair with. Also I hope you managed to have some mulled wine at Christmas Markets. If you didn’t I will sort you out in a bit.

This 2015 vintage of Moscato d’Asti by Casino Välon is perfect for those who love sweet wine. It has sweet aromas with hints of honey, melon and blood orange to the nose. It is slightly effervescent, sweet with hints of pineapple, honey and sweet citrus fruits. It’s alcohol is so low at 5 % you hardly feel it. If you have kids or people who do not drink alcohol they may not know the difference. It is great with appetizers the typical mediterranean apperatif/appertivo of melon and dried meat (prosciutto/ jason serrano), desserts such as fruity pies and soft cheeses. After eating all that good food during the festive season this would definitely be a great after party drink with dessert.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time off! If you do not have time off then I hope the wine options help give you that festive feeling whether it’s a festive season or not.


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