For The Love of The Festive Season–Merlot

There’s tons of different sparkling wines I am yet to cover. I wanted to get into a few still wines you could try for the season. There are some wines that are easily accessible globally. This wine Wednesday I feature a Merlot. Merlot, has received a bad reputation as being a bland or low brow wine. This is far from the truth. There are wonderful merlots out there, that you may be missing out on because of this misconception.

I got to taste this Sicilian Merlot from Constantino 2013 vintage. This particular wine needed to breathe, I could tell because, I couldn’t smell or taste any fruit in it. After 1 hour I started to get the aromas and it tasted better. If you’re impatient you can decant the wine. I was going to make dinner, so it was convenient for me to allow it to breathe for that long.

To the nose the wine was very fruity with a slight hint of spices. On tasting it it had notes of vanilla, slightly earthy, there was definitely a hint of minerals, slightly acidic, full bodied with a herbal finish. The wine was 13.5% vol.

You can easily pair it with roasted vegetarian meals. For meat lovers out there, it matches well with roasted poultry. Also, it pairs exceptionally well with duck and red meat. If you are a cheese lover, you’re in luck– as it pairs well with creamy, slightly sweet or complex flavoured cheeses such as gouda, gruyere and camembert.

As the festive season is around the corner and you’re looking for a collection of wines to last you most of the holidays, then Tino Marella is your man. If you want the wine delivered to you, you can ask him about it. Tino is based in Basel, Switzerland but delivers all over Switzerland. He would love to share his sicilian wines with you. He speaks English.

Have the best rest of the week!


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