For The Love of the Festive Season–Glögi

As the festive season is nearing, have you been visiting Christmas Markets? During the cold weather, having mulled wine is something I really enjoy. It gives me that festive feeling.

I was out doing an Ikea run and stumbled on this Mulled wine. In Nordic countries, the alcohol laws are strict. Finding alcohol in Ikea is like finding a unicorn. So this was a pleasant surprise. Especially, since I knew I wouldn’t have time to go to the markets this year.

It is know as glögi in Finnish, glögg in Swedish and gluhwein in German. It is usually served hot. Hot meaning, heated in an almost burn your tongue kind of way. You can also find non alcoholic options. In Finland, they like to put raisins, shaved almonds in the mulled wine and  have it with gingerbread cookies or a fruity christmas pastry. That’s how it is typically consumed in the Nordic country’s. Others may pair it with something else.

As I have tasted different versions of glögg. I would prefer making my own. If I were really lazy as I am now, Ikea definitely saved me the time. If you have never tried mulled wine and you are based in a cold country, you should!

I feel in this case the notes are irrelevant seeing that it is mulled.

If you want to be adventurous, you can use it to marinate  your festive well brined/salted pork. On another salty note, I would pair it with sheep (roquefort) and goat cheese.

Enjoy the season and stay warm!



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