For The Love of The Festive Season–Fresita

Happy Wine Wednesday my lovelies! Still speaking on festive wine. For those of you who have been rolling your eyes on the Brut selection of wines especially, if you have a sweet palate. Today this one is definitely for you!

I remember when I first had Fresita, it had just come into the market and that time I had no clue about wine, I knew what I liked. It is a refreshing wine, I loved having at parties or chilling with friends.

Fresita is a sparkling wine from Chile that contains strawberries. The strawberry pulp is added at the time of bottling. So you naturally get, that distinct taste and scent of strawberries. This is for all of you have a love for sweet wine and are not that into brut.

To break it down, to the nose there’s an unquestionable hint of strawberries and some sweet citric fruits. When you taste it, you can taste the strawberries, some citrus fruits, it is sweet, the effervescence is gentle and refreshing. It is made from the grapes Alicante Bouschet, Sauvignon Blanc, chardonnay, moscatel and strawberries. The moscatel isn’t hard to miss due to the sweetness. The alcohol vol is 8%, perfect for those who do not indulge on a regular basis. Best served between 4-6 degrees C.

This wine is best for sweet desserts, chilling and and as a starter.

Have a festive week will you!

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