For The Love of The Festive Season–Chardonnay

I know a lot of people turn their noses up at box wine. If you’re having a party and want to reduce the amount of bottles you need to buy, this can also be an economical solution. This wine Wednesday, I go down under. I feature Jacob’s Creek Earth Vine Grape Chardonnay 2014 vintage. This  particular wine’s grapes are grown organically. It did not contain sulphates and is suitable for those allergic to sulphates.

To the nose (bouquet) it has hints of apricot or peach and is citric, on tasting it, it is dry, slightly acidic, has hints of herbs, hint of melon and a long finish. It is definitely a great festive wine. I would pair it with fatty fish, seafood and pork. Definitely, would go down well with Thai food or East Asian food. Before you serve the wine, please remember to ensure it is refrigerated  it serves well at between 6-12 degrees C. The alcohol volume is 12.7%.

I would definitely recommend having this wine if you are planning to have a buffet style party. Please check the best before date as box wine should be consumed within a week when opened if there’s anything left over. Otherwise it can go bad because it lets oxygen in over time. I doubt you will have any left if you plan on having this for your party.

Have a wonderful Wine Wednesday!

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