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Happy new month my dear followers!I know it’s a day early but August is practically over! Can you believe that 8 months of 2016 are already gone?! There’s only 4 months left till the end of the year. What have you achieved so far and what haven’t you achieved? Being away from the blogsphere I decided to enjoy a little bit of life as it has been quite a heavy year.

On another note I made a recent discovery and thoroughly enjoying it.


When you are a wine enthusiast, proper storage of wine is very important. I remember when I bought my first wine coolers and wine stoppers. I remember being excited to store my wine in the fridge, only to find some of it had spilt overnight because the cork was not secure enough.It was a plastic cork. I kept asked some of my friends if they had the same struggle. They said not when the bottle is left in an upright position. I thought that was very unusual and gave up buying corks altogether.


I was forced to think of space and put my wine in a cooling box Which was fine during winter but during the summer impossible. Then I got wind of Vinum Meum. My perspective of wine stoppers changed. These wine stoppers are made from Czech bohemian crystal and work like a charm. You can even store your bottle upside down and it won’t leak. It’s only recommended for still wines. If you are a lover of bubbly this won’t work for you.


Why I recommend Vinum Meum stoppers:

Bohemian Crystal Wine Stoppers

Bohemian Crystal Wine Stoppers


  1. The stoppers come in 2 pairs. They are solid and do not break easily, a friend tested it with her toddler niece and her kids under 5.
  2. The packaging is beautiful, for the price it comes in. You can travel with it easily and have it as hand luggage. It does not take much space
  3. It is designed by Hana—a Czech mumpreneur who is a wine enthusiast . Apart from her passion for wine the business it to support her family. I am all for supporting fellow entrepreneurs
  4. It stores the wine well .
  5. It is aesthetically appealing.

Vinum Meum is latin for my wine and when you open the package it is written Carpe Vineum which means cease the wine. For all you wine enthusiasts or if you are looking to get a gift for Christmas this year or any occasion for that matter. Why not treat yourself to this as well?

Cease the wine people!

Cease the wine people!


Have a lovely September and see you somewhere on the internet



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