Burgundy’s Whites Chardonnay

This Wine Wednesday I get to taste white wine from one  of my favorite regions of wine France– Burgundy. I have talked about my trip to Partriache  previously . This time I visited Burgundy again with my taste buds. Other regions in France will beg to differ on the quality of wines that comes from there but when it comes to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Burgundy wins.

This time I had a taste of Chardonnay vintage 2014 that was bottled by Bertrand Capdevigne. This particular one was from Club des Sommeliers Bourgogne.

On the nose (smell) it was earthy, had hints of lemon and vanilla. When I tasted it, it was fresh, acidic and it had hints of peach, lemon and I thought I was imagining things, but I got a slight herbal note. The alcoholic percentage was 12.5%.

I would recommend this with particular wine with fleshy white meat fish (tuna, salmon), poultry, pork and vegetarian meals (mushroom) and something creamy. It is best served chilled at 9 C degrees.

If you have it warm, it will alter the taste. Keep it chilled in a wine bucket as room temperature affects the wine.

This wine is great with food and a good conversation. I give this wine a thumbs up.

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