Burgundy’s –Pinot Noir

Another Wine Wednesday and another review of wine from Burgundy from Bouchard Pere & Fils. I tried their Pinot Noir ( Pinot Nero[Italian] or Pinot Negra [Spanish]) 2013 vintage.

The wine to the nose was fruity and quite aromatic with hints of cherry and berries. It was light bodied as well. Rather acidic to the taste and spicy–I tasted a hint of black pepper. It was slightly salty too due to the minerality of the wine. It had a long finish. The alcoholic percentage was 12%.

I would pair this with a pizza( vegetarian, mushroom, salmon),a fleshy burger and a steak. To my East Africans this would probably go great with nyama choma. Smoked salmon and a cheesy and creamy pasta. If you really are feeling adventurous and due to it’s light bodied nature, you can try it with sushi (nori or tuna based sushi).

Pinot Noir should be drank 3-5 years after the vintage.

This wine is a great for Pinot Noir lovers and great accompaniment with food vegetarian, strong fish and meat dishes.

I give this wine a thumbs up!

Enjoy your wine and wine Wednesday!



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