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Thoughtful Tuesdays: Food Choices

Food. What does it mean to you? Is it something that fills your stomach when you’re hungry? Or something that nourishes your body? Living to eat is a privilege one should not take for granted. Having the means to go to a supermarket, farmers market or wherever your choose to buy–is a luxury. The ideal option would be growing your own food.

Not everyone has the same luxury. Some eat just so they can live.Those that have few choices tend to be victims of circumstance. Those that live in refugee camps, experiencing displacement, homelessness, financial circumstances,experiencing wars or experiencing mother natures wrath. They take what they get, as for them food is equivalent to survival.

It amazes me how every community has different perceptions of food. In certain cultures having veges all the time is a sign of poverty, as one can not afford meat. While in others veges are a luxury.Their lifestyle and location is not conducive for veges to grow. Think of the Tundra, Arctic and arid areas . Most people who live in those areas practice a nomadic lifestyle. Some know no other life and couldn’t imagine having choices of food.

In some cultures, eating fast food is a sign of wealth. While in others, eating fast food is a sign of poverty. In their opinion fast food isn’t real food that’s beneficial to one’s development.

Those that have food allergies, have no control over what they cannot eat. They did not choose to have an allergy. At the same time having these allergies, opens them up to a new world. Their relationship with food changes to discovery. Experimenting with different ingredients in order to achieve something they may miss, be it gluten free, dairy free or meat free.

Some people have medical conditions that do not allow them to eat certain foods or ingredients.

On the other hand, some people do not eat certain foods because of religious, cultural beliefs and perceptions.

The word FOOD and DIET has the power to cause an unsettling feeling among people. It can even cause fights and deep resentment.

Meat eaters look down on those that are vegan, Vegan’s look down on vegetarians and meat eaters. As for pescetarians, I do not know where they stand with others but so far no one has started a hate campaign against them. All I know is people should respect other people’s food choices. Unless of course you strongly believe, they are harming themselves. If you are a medical doctor or nutritionist you can use medical proof (blood tests) to prove it.

All these perceptions of what is better and what is not boils down to how you eat. You could be on any diet and still eat unhealthy. When it comes to food, in my opinion–nutrition should matter and food portions. You can’t eat a plate for three people and expect to stay healthy, unless of course you have a high metabolism rate and are a professional athlete.

Speaking of dieting to lose weight, I am against them. Mainly due to the fact that it is not sustainable. Once you stick to a certain diet lose all the weight you desired.  You are so happy to tell people how much you used to weigh. When you stop. You gain back all the weight and some extra. Which in turn makes you feel miserable.The most important thing one should do is eat a balanced diet and educate themselves on the food they eat. Educate your family or kids. Educating yourself on the benefits of what you eat, goes a long way in ensuring that you stay healthy on the inside and outside. Making it a lifestyle that suits you with regular exercise, or movement.

Some wake up one day and decide that they are going to subscribe to a particular lifestyle without doing research on it.Then fail miserably.

Another aspect of food that bothers me a lot food waste! In Finland 400 million kilos of food is wasted. APPALLING! I am so glad certain governments are doing something about it.

What’s your relationship with food? Do you care about what you eat? Would you like to eat healthier but can’t afford it?

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