Quick & Easy. Tortilla Series part 2: Tomato Salsa

If I put all the tortilla fillers in one blog post it would be a very long post. Here’s my tomato salsa it goes well with almost everything!


1. 3 large tomatoes

2. 1 red onion diced

3. 1 chili chopped

4. 1 tbsp of fresh coriander

5. 1 green pepper chopped

6.  2 tsp of curry powder

7. 1 tsp of salt

8. 1 squeezed lime


1. Blanch the tomatoes 

Put an X on the top of the tomatoes with a sharp knife. Put the three tomatoes in bowl with water that slightly covers the tomatoes. Put it in the microwave for 1.30 minutes (600w)

If you don’t have a microwave put an X on the tomatoes and put them in boiling water for about a minute. Take them out and put them in cold water then start peeling them.

2. When peeled put them in a bowl and use a fork to press on them and crush them. Add the chopped and dry ingredients.

3. If you like the salsa fine you can crush it with a hand mixer or blender

4.  Put the salsa in the microwave for 30 seconds or heat the salsa for a minute ( because of the curry)

5.  Add the squeezed lime

Voilà your salsa is ready. As usual the hotness of the sauce depends on your preference.

Tomato Salsa

Tomato Salsa

Have a fabulous day,


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