My favourite Finnish Christmas Serving: Rosoli

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I know the festive season is over but this is my festive favourite that you can have all year or try once in a while. When I was younger I enjoyed Christmas because of Santa of course and the presents. As years go by, or is it just me, I notice that the holiday is often commercialised to the point that it’s meaning has disappeared. Having friends from all walks of life, I tend to stick to Happy Holidays. Christmas growing up was and still is primarily Finnish.  Having parents from two different cultures, meant that since mum made most of the food, regular food was a mix of my mum and dad’s culture. Christmas and Christmas Eve meals are strictly Finnish. On my own, I make a mix of my favourite foods or try something different. Mum, left out her least favourite meals from traditional Finnish meals so when spending Christmas with my relatives, SURPRISE!! That aspect of the meals that were left out made sense. They weren’t that great to begin with. Don’t tell my relatives that though.
Rosoli is vegan friendly and since I love beetroot it is one of those salads that I look forward to.

Serves 4


1.4 Beetroot

2. 4 Carrot

3. 4 Potatoes

4. 1  Apple

5. 1  Cucumber / Pickled cucumber

6. 1 Onion (optional)

The beetroot , carrot and potatoes should be boiled  each takes half an hour depending on the size of the vegetable. When each of them are ready they can be peeled. Then left to cool.

Boiling beetroot takes time most of the ingredients are prepared the night before so they are cool enough to be mixed into a salad.

The vegetables and fruit are diced.


The sauce is usually made of cream but since I am dairy free I made it out of avocado

1. 1 Avocado

2. 1 tbsp white vinegar

3. 1 tsp Salt

4. 1 clove of garlic

5. 1 tbsp Vegetable Oil

This is usually had with some silli (herring).

Rosoli Salad with avocado sauce & herring

Rosoli Salad with avocado sauce & herring

Enjoy and let me know how you liked it!



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