Foodie Sunday: Quick & Easy: Meat ball Sunday ( Egg and dairy free)

I got held up in the kitchen making meatballs for a major 5 decade party of one of my sister’s friend’s. We got 9 kg of meat! It was a surprise party and the idea was every team had to bring a potluck. My team was in charge of potato salad & meatballs. I decided to challenge myself and make my first meat balls as an adult. Usually, I have made them with my mum & I was only allowed to roll the ball. I had two helping hands that helped me with the rolling. It made a world of difference & we were done in an hour and a half. The good thing is it sticks & doesn’t break. I got really good reviews on the meatballs but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

Ingredients:( Serves 60)/150g per person

1. 9 kg of minced meat

Meat galore

2. 3 tbsp of cumin ( each packet was about 35 g) I used everything

3. 3 tbsp of parsley

.Condiments/ Spices

4. 3.5 tbsp of salt ( I had someone tasting the raw dough, not my cup of tea–if you do this, then great)

5. 3 tbsp of black pepper

6. 200 g of tomato paste ( you can blanche tomatoes if you like, 5 depending on the size)

Tomato paste

7. 8 white onions diced

Diced white onions

8.  3 cloves of garlic

9. 1. 8 kg of grated carrots

Grated carrots

10. 3 litres of water


1.  Since the meat was so much, I had to separate it into portions of 3 kg in a bowl

Add the mixture of garlic and onions make a deep hole that’s bowl like.

2. Gradually add the spices

3. Add the tomato paste

4.  Add the carrots last, the idea of adding carrots is to make it more nutritious and also add to the moisture of the  meat balls

5. Knead the mixture until everything is in the bowl. Then gradually add water to it. The water holds it together. It does what the eggs and dairy would do.

Meat mixture

6. When the mixture is ready pre-heat the oven to  250 C, Then start to roll the mixture. The bigger the size of the meatball the longer it takes to cook. I prefer medium or small as they cook faster and maintain the moisture.

Preferred size for baking/ grilling in the oven

7. Put it in the oven for 15-20 mins, this also depends on how tender your meat is

8.  It should look like this in the end

Egg & Dairy free meatballs

You can make vegetarian meatballs with this recipe as well just do away with the meat. This can be finger food at a party or you can make some sauce and have it with spaghetti/ mashed potatoes/ salad.

Happy Foodie Sunday,

Bon appetite,



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